Boss Rush Banter: Why the Gold SCAR is NOT the Best Gun in Fortnite History

Six years ago, Epic Games released Fortnite and changed the battle royale experience forever. Fortnite has maintained its popularity and prestige in the gaming community for some time now, generating nearly 300 million active players a month and a yearly revenue of just over six billion USD (Active Player). To this day, it is still just as beloved by many and not showing any signs of slowing down.

Of course, to stay near the top of the proverbial mountain, Epic Games has come out with too many updates to count to intrigue gamers to continue playing including new maps, new skins, and new guns – lots of new guns.

For any who have played over the years, we remember the various guns that have been introduced throughout the different chapters, some home runs, some swing-and-misses, and some guns we can’t even remember because it’s been so long. But the first gun that comes to every Fortnite veteran’s mind is the famous gold SCAR.

It was the type of gun that was so elusive to find, but once you had it, you felt the game was surely in hand.  Its accuracy and damage made it a powerful weapon, bringing many kills and wins to whoever held it – but what if I told you that one of the game’s most famous weapons was not its best weapon?

Here, we explore how the gold SCAR is NOT the best gun in Fortnite history.

But before I begin, it’s important to note that we are only discussing guns. Weapons like The Infinity Blade or The Infinity Gauntlet are too OP and don’t really make this a discussion.

Drum Gun

Image courtesy of Epic Games

Whoever created this gun deserved a raise because it’s near perfection. It held 40 rounds of medium ammo in its magazine and shot eight bullets a second. Sure, it had some inaccuracy issues from long-range, but mid to close-range, it was the best gun for the job. At its peak, it was a must-have in everyone’s inventory and often times it was the weapon that was responsible for capturing players some sweet Victory Royales.

Tactical Shotgun

Image courtesy of Epic Games

Some reading this may think the classic pump shotgun was a better gun, but they would be forgetting that the Tact was the common man’s short-range savior when the game first launched. It was forgiving, it was quick-trigger, and it was deadly. It was a necessity in endgame scenarios.

Heavy Sniper Rifle

Image courtesy of Epic Games

One shot, one kill. This sniper kept you on your toes throughout the whole match because you knew just one hit from an opponent would send you right back to the lobby. Its reload time was long but it really was a game-changer that will be missed in the vaults by many.

Do you agree with that these are superior to the gold SCAR? What other guns do you think are missing? Share your reactions below or join the conversation on the Boss Rush Discord.

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Featured Image Source: Epic Games

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