Season: A Letter to the Future is Coming Autumn 2022 to Sony Consoles

At the Sony State of Play we saw a more in depth look to an indie game, that was introduced to us last year, coming to PS4 and PS5 in autumn of 2022. The game created by Scavengers Studio, is entitled Season: A Letter to the Future, that has a wonderful, relaxing vibe based on what was shown and can be enjoyed by many players with an, E for everyone, rating.

Season: A Letter to the Future is a story-based game with a beautiful and colorful art style. You play as a woman who can be seen doing a few activities such as bike riding, taking photographs, and recording sounds. Other characters show up in the trailer and have much to say about the lady who they believe will uncover what will happen at the end of the season. I guess we will have to discover what that could be later this year.  

Check out the beautiful trailer shown.  

Video Source: Sony

What did you think? Is this an Indie game that you might pick up? What other games were you excited for showcased at the State of Play? Did Sony do a good job balancing games shown? Lets us know your thoughts.

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