The Pokémon Company Reveals New Features of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Today, August 3rd, The Pokémon Company revealed new details on the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Violet during a Pokémon Presents. Announced back in February of this year, The Pokémon Company has been hesitant to give us too much information on these new entries in the franchise before today. After today’s announcement, we know a (little/lot) more than we did before. Here’s what we learned.

Version Exclusive Legendary Pokemon Koraidon (Scarlet) and Miraidon (Violet). (Courteous of The Pokémon Company)

First, we finally got the name of the region these games are set in. The Paldea region, based on the countries of Spain and Portugal, is home to many new Pokémon. You’ll also be able to traverse these regions on your game’s legendary Pokémon, Koraidon or Miraidon, who serve as a motorcycle-type vehicle, which has swimming and flying forms as well.

We also learned a bit more of the story. You’ll be enrolled as a student at a Pokémon Academy, setting out on a field study known as “The Treasure Hunt.” Little is known as to what this is exactly, but we received information about “Three Adventures” the player will be going through. One of these adventures features eight gyms for the players to embark through, and in whichever order they want might I add, though what the other adventures hold is a mystery.

Fidough, a new Fairy type Pokémon revealed in the Paldea Region. (Courteous of The Pokémon Company)

We learned about more Pokémon as well, like the Fairy type Fidough, the Ice type Cetitan, and the Poison/Ground Paldean variant of Wooper. Whether these Pokémon have evolved forms or are evolved from other Pokémon remains unknown.

Tera Form Eevee, seen with Tera Types Grass and Water. (Courteous of The Pokémon Company)

Lastly, we learned of the ninth generation’s new battle mechanic, Terestal Forms. Terestal forms give your Pokémon a crystal-like aura around them, as well as a headpiece indicating a different typing. Some examples we saw were a bouquet of flowers for Grass type, a candelabra for Fire type, a fountain of water for Water type, and balloons for Flying type. Some Pokémon gain an added typing in their Tera Form, such as the flying type Pikachu, and moves of that particular type are strengthened while it’s in the new form. It’s still unclear what other types will show up when the game is launched, though it’s been confirmed that every Pokémon in the region will be capable of “Terastallizing.”

For more information below, you can watch the announcement for yourself here below. 

Featured Image: The Pokémon Company

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