Monochrome Heights Devlog #2 – Good Enough

I’m making Monochrome Heights, a 2D pixel art challenging platformer.

Making a video game, just like any other art form or creative process, involves making sacrifices here and there to finish. I’m not talking about big sacrifices in quality or polish. I’m talking about avoiding perfectionism and being realistic. Small sacrifices. In order to say something is done, you have to call it quits and move on saying it’s good enough.

This isn’t always easy. It can be a real struggle. When you’re making a video game, like I am, with a small team or by yourself, it can be hard to know when something is good enough. 

Maybe something is good enough for now. I’ve been working hard to make all of the platforms and items that a player will interact with work and look decent. Some I may work on more, but some of them may be good enough.  

On a whim, I threw together a quick mini-level showcasing a bunch of the items and platforms and filmed myself playing. I nailed it on my first attempt playing while recording so I hit upload. It’s not the best video, and the layout of the demonstration isn’t the best either. But I decided it was good enough.

I only have so much time to devote to each aspect of making the game and, of course, marketing the game by making and sharing videos and writing these posts. It can be hard to decide when something is good enough, especially if it’s just you looking at it. I needed to share that video because I needed to get some feedback. And I figured, it was good enough.

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