Monochrome Heights Devlog #1 – Introduction

I’m making an indie game. It’s a retro-style, 2D pixel-art platformer. Real original, I know. You run, and you jump, and there’s spikes, and saws, and you get the picture. 

Megaman and Mario. Image Credits: Capcom and Nintendo

But to be fair, there is one unique thing about it. Happy the Robot has to be the right color to land on the right platform. Happy can move through the phases, and must do so to climb Layla’s tower. Who is Happy? Who is Layla?

Happy the Robot jumping and phasing
Credit: One Frog Games

I’ll save story details for a later post, but for now know that Happy must ascend a tower located between the phases by running, jumping, sliding, and swapping Happy’s color across tricky platforming challenges and various obstacles. Will Happy be able to reach the top of the tower? That will be up to the player. 

Happy the Robot sliding. Credit: One Frog Games

Monochrome Heights came out of a game jam project I did in April 2022 with a small team. I kept coming back to the idea to explore it more and hone the gameplay. I was doing a lot of game jams at that time and decided to take one and develop it into a bigger, “real” game. My first commercial game. I chose this project because it kept gnawing at me, and I love 2D platformers. I’ve been working on the full version of Monochrome Heights off and on since April 2022, but I’ve decided to make a big push on the game recently. 

Happy bouncing on a spring. Credit: One Frog Games

I’m aiming for the story mode to have 40 levels, with short story segments between each group of 4 levels, and a couple different endings. I’m planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign sometime later this year, once the game is a little further along, and I’m ready for that challenge. For now I’m starting to talk about, and share details on the game. My goal is to post a short update about the game here weekly on Friday mornings for the next while as I work on it.

If you’re interested in following along in more detail, sign up for the Monochrome Heights mailing list here. You’ll get exclusive access to early demos and additional short updates. Until next time. Thanks for reading! 

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