Monochrome Heights Devlog #12 – Meet the Phasebots

I’m making a 2D platformer game, Monochrome Heights, about robots.

I’ve been unsure all week about what I would put up on today’s devlog. All of the ideas I had felt like they were veering into the negative side of things, with hints of previous posts. While it’s inevitable I’ll have to tread some of the same ground if I keep up the weekly pace of these posts, I decided I would frame this one around some characters in the game that I’ve been working on and keep it short.

A screenshot of two phasebots working. IMAGE CREDIT: One Frog Games.

The phasebots are NPC characters that the player will interact with throughout the main gameplay portion of the game. The game is set in a tower that is being built from the top down in between the phases. That may be a bit confusing sounding and lore heavy, so we’ll avoid digging into it for now and focus on the phasebots themselves.

They are a bit of comic relief for the heavier story, serve as a way to tutorialize new mechanics, and provide hints. They also give plenty of flavor text and make the tower seem more alive. I’ve been back and forth a bit on the exact details of the level design, but I intend to have a section or level that is focused entirely on the phasebots for each zone, or area.

A screenshot of Happy the Robot standing near a phasebot. IMAGE CREDIT: One Frog Games.

This past week I’ve been building and rebuilding the first of these areas to get a sense of how it should look and feel. The phasebots are still being shaped by their environment, and their dialogue is still being written, but they are coming along.

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